We are in the midst of a movement of global awakening, uprising and protest against the old systems – collectively nowadays a new self-conception of solidarity and community, from Egypt to Chile, from Athens to Lisbon, from Puerta del Sol to Zuccotti Park.

A positive, comprehensive, alternative socio-cultural concept has never been as needed and as possible as it is now.

We are called to co-create new systems that are no longer fighting against the old, but instead enable all human beings and coming generations to go a path of a thriving, free and authentic life.

We are looking forward to cooperate and co-create with you!

Everyone who is inspired or enthusiastic about the content of this book is asked to spread the word and help wherever you can


The de-privatisation of intellectual property and the humanisation of money are current political necessities. Thoughts which serve the ending of the worldwide warfare and a humane new beginning on societal level cannot be private thoughts. One of the bases of a new economy is the economy of free giving and the free exchange of energy, matter and information.

All donations will flow in the scholarship fund of the GRACE Foundation and will be utilised in the international peace-education initiative of the Global Campus, which is working for the building of concrete sustainable life-models for a peace-culture. In our newsletter all contributions and their use will be made transparent.

If you want to donate larger tax- deductable amounts please contact us beforehand.