From Refusal to Re-creation

Outline of an Ecological and Humane Alternative

By Dieter Duhm

This book offers an idea of how a future worth living could be. It was written and published more than thirty years ago in Germany and we believe that its time has now come. It is now for the first time to be published in English. We left it in the political context in which it was written. Through this we want to show that names change, yet the underlying problems remain the same ... until we discover how to solve them. How this can be achieved is what this book is all about. It is more relevant today than ever:

The author Dieter Duhm gave a voice to the living world. He found it behind dogmas and false morality, opened channels for it between all these forms of narrow-minded thinking and closed hearts that were left behind inside all of us by an anti-life epoch of patriarchal domination.
This era could be over soon. 

The system-change that has to happen in our time is the deepest and most fundamental in thousands of years.

It is a change from the power that annihilates life to the power that protects and takes care of it. Only by that will the inhabitants of our blue planet, including the human being, have a chance for a future.

Our wish is for this book to meet open ears and hearts, and that its humanitarian and compassionate impulse will thrive.

It is much more than a book. It is the image of how a future on this planet worth living could look. The author took himself at his word, and together with friends and comrades he started to put this futuristic idea into practice. The last part of the book shows in brief what came out of these thirty years of pioneering work.

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