The free exchange of trendsetting thoughts of a real positive perspective is an important political act within the current worldwide uprising against a economic and political system in with the question of a comprehensive alternative model to the actual lifestyle becomes existential for many people.

It is time for comprehensive socio-cultural cooperation between people from the most diverse movements and backgrounds. It is time to overcome the apparent borders on behalf of the co-creation of sustainable alternative models for coming generations – guided by ethical principles such as respect, non-violence, truth, mutual support and responsible participation and a comprehensive vision of a new culture.

A basic idea described in the book "Towards a New Culture" is the development of model-settlements and experimental centres, for research and basic experiences of a new culture based on trust and cooperation.

We ask everyone who wants to co-create a new culture or knows about corresponding initiatives to get in touch.

May many more communitarian nuclei for a new culture arise and connect with each other for exchange, cooperation and mutual support.

Tamera is a basestation for the Global Campus and growing cross-generational, multi-national, global network for a new culture is growing.

The trust between the members is based on unversal ethics, the common Vision of of Terra Nova, a global culture of peace and personal heart-connections.

Since March 2013 the Terra Nova School provides inspiring texts and videos to the network.

An extra Website for the Terra Nova School as an interacive communication-platform is in preperation.


Please give some feedback, comments,  questions, suggestions, ideas, wishes and critics via e-mail.